Kuchipudi is one of the eight major indian classical dances. The drama - dance involves extensive stage movements and exacting footwork, wherein the underlying drama is mimed by expressive gestures of hand (mudras) eye and face movements "Dance is active meditation. When we dance, we go beyond thought, beyond mind and beyond our individuality to become one in the divine ecstasy of the union with the cosmic spirit.

Ravali is an accomplished Kuchipudi dancer, dance instructor and has completed her masters in Kuchipudi dance form. She has been practicing the dance form for the last 18 years and has numerous accolades and recognition for her service to the art.


Along with Kuchipudi, Ravali is also a noted freestyle dance artist with expertise in Kathak, Bollywood, fusion, hip-hop, folk and western dance forms.

Trained by decorated doyens of dance, Sri Sarvadevayani Madhava Rao, Sri Chintha Adinarayana Sharma and Sri Gundu Kiran, Ravali had performed in over 2000+ stage shows across length and breadth of India.


Ravali and her brother Ravi Teja with the help of Sri Chokkapu Venkataramana created a new form of dance based entertainment called ‘Nrityendrajalam’, loosely translated to ‘Magic of Dance’.

Ravali was also instrumental in creating ‘Magicrity dance’ to promote national integration, ‘folk imagics’ to support vulnerable folk art forms, ‘Filmi Dance Magic Remix’ combining both dance and magical illusions.


Ravali participated and won in popular dance reality shows like ‘Dance Baby Dance’, ‘Dum Dum Diga Diga’ and many more. She also anchored the dance programme ‘Little Stars’.

Ravali also dabbled in the world of acting where she acted in child roles with noted thespians and filmmakers of Telugu and Tamil industries.


Ravali won over 100 best dancer awards in state level dance contests among many others. The below are the illustrative but not exhaustive list of the accolades she was showered with:

  • Awarded ‘Variety Dance Diamonds’ by Mumbai Andhra Kala Sangam - 2008
  • Awarded ‘Creative Dancers’ recognition by Mayuri Arts – 2008
  • Awarded ‘Vilakshana Nritya Kiranalu’ by Kalanjali Arts – 2008
  • Awarded ‘Mysteriious Dancing Dolls’ by Magic Fun School – 2009
  • Awarded the distinction of ‘Chokkapu Balakaratna’ by Ooyala Communications – 2009
  • Awarded the distinction of ‘Nritya Kalanidhi’ by Bala Sahithya Parishad - 2010
  • Awarded "Limca Book of Record" for Nrityendrajalam" and "Wonder Book of Records" in 2014


Ravali believes in giving back to the society which bestowed her with love and recognition. Since her childhood, she regularly performed at old age homes and orphanages to provide them some relief from their daily routine. She also made it her policy to teach dance to underprivileged and orphan children free of cost and also used her network to arrange opportunities for such children to demonstrate their skills to a wider audience.
Ravali intends to donate a part of the proceedings she would receive from her dance lessons towards the well-being of underprivileged children.